PR Amneris       

Mare       Chestnut      DOB   8/30/2000

Sire   Juramento   JNE
Dam  Intrusa  PDP


Amneris is a Championship Mare in Breeding classes and Gait.  She has a powerful body, good natured, and shines above most.  She's given us two beautiful filly's that are following in her footsteps. 



Real Tesora

Napha # M0513297         Mare      Chestnut

DOB  6/18/2004    
Sire Carlos MPP           Dam   Suena Ultima MPP

Tessa is a well gaited, strong conformation, sweet disposition mare that is willing to please.  Her charm and beauty shows off the Peruvian breed well.  She ready for show or trail.        



Lucinda Del Oeste    


NAPHA # 19313    Palomino       Mare         6/15/95


Sire    Imagen De Trigo                  Dam     N.R. Lucida

Lucinda del Oeste, a.k.a. "Cindy",  05/15/94,   Imagen de Trigo x N.R. Lucinda Maria.   A palomino, with very long mane and tail. She has excellent, smooth gait, willing disposition, and good, strong conformation.  She goes back to Lancero, another well known Northern foundation stallion, known for his strength and longevity. She's good for pleasure-trail riding, and has carried riders on overnight camping trips, many trail rides, etc.  Just a good all around usin' horse.  Good for a larger rider too.  She's in bit, and ready to go.   




Alegria Del O’Este        


NAPHA # 10090       Palomino               Mare     4/10/92


Sire    Imagen De Trigo              Dam     N. R. Cidrada



This horse has been said to be a push button ride. Alegria is the trail horse all dream of. She will take her rider smoothly and safely and in style.  She has a wonderful confirmation and gait. Also a larger frame horse.  She would be good for a crystal class in show and performance.  Very trust worthy on the trail.   




Rumbera RR       


NAPHA # 24035     Chestnut         Mare       4/2/06


Sire     Renegado RR                   Dam     Rocio RR




Rumbrea will start training this year.  She carries the curly gene and does have a little curly coat that takes on the appearance of crushed velvet.  She’s very friendly and will turn heads at any outing.    




Cidra Del Oeste         


NAPHA # 19310        Chestnut          Mare     1/5/93


Sire   Imagen De Trigo                 Dam     N.R. Cidrada 




Cidra del Oeste, 05/01/94,  Imagen de Trigo x N.R. Cidrada. Sorrel mare with three white socks. Cidra is more feminine than her older sister Alegria. She is very strong, and has lots of get up and go. As you can see, she's very pretty. Cidra has excellent pisos, lots of energy, and is a real good mover. She is sensitive, but wants to please, and is easy to ride and handle.  





Chestnut mare   DOB  5/21/05     

Sire    LV Conquistador
Dam   PR Amneris   



Lizzy will be entering the show ring this year in bozal and halter classes.   She young, spirited and has a very smooth gait.    We feel she will continue in her parents footsteps and will become a champion.




RQP Valentina     

Black mare       DOB   3/5/2003

SIRE    LEA Conquistdor
DAM   RQP Katrina
Valentina is shown here with her first baby colt.



Mistica del Oeste





Mistica del Oeste, a.k.a. "Misty", 04/26/92.   Imagen de Trigo x N.R. Nativa. Misty is a liver chestnut mare with a trace of roan (white hairs) in her coat . Her blood lines go back to Diamante, a well known and respected champion stallion twenty five years ago. She has an exceptionally pretty Peruvian "Solana type" face, with long, wavy and full mane and tail. About 14-1/2 hands, she's a pleasant, well behaved mare.  This is a horse that has started many new riders.  Misty has plenty of go out on the trail, but baby sits the least experienced.  She's in bit, and ready to go. 


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